Monday, February 7, 2011

All is Well

As part of my book, I will have a series of Prayers to use. This one came to me after meditation this morning and I wished to share it.
Oh radiant Divine Source of all Creation
Let me be attuned to the vibration and energy of your perfect Light.
Let it fill my mind
and come into my body to heal and energize me.

Oh Perfect love,
Let your Beauty and Understanding flow through me
So I may open my heart to your Glory and find a way
For my life to be lived with compassion and kindness.
Fill me with your unconditional love
A love that identifies my caring with the way you lift us to your love

May I be of service and may the
Holy grace of Spirit Light my the way
to do your will with your guidance
to fulfill my purpose here on earth.

Let me be a Part of the Divine Plan
That leads the way to Heaven on Earth
So We may see the oneness of all .

So we may Bring Peace to Earth
As we Recognize our Highest Truth.
And know that as we follow the Path
Of Light and Love all is well,
All is well, All is well.

Thank You God for this day and all of the blessings your bring

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