Saturday, December 24, 2011

What excess baggage did you bring on your trip?
What did you pack in that bag that you never wore?
What clothes can really make your trip better?
What costumes set the stage for who you think you are?
How many times do we promise to pack light
And yet there is always some reason we fill that bag
Right to the top and then some.
Oh to remember it’s not the stuff we wear that
Makes us happy.
 Its the stuff inside us that makes for a great trip.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Expect Miracles on your Journey
And leave your Mind and heart open to them.
For in truth all of Life is full of Miracles.
Everyday we are blessed with Miracles
that we do not see or recognize.
Ask for Miracles, expect Miracles
Believe in Miracles.
And expect Miracles.
And be oh so grateful when they Happen.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you believe you have a Guardian Angel
Watching out for you?
An Angel that Loves you and sees your
True potential?
Invite that Angel or Angels into your Presence.
Allow them to be with you.
Let their Light, Love and Peace Surround you.
Feel and recognize this gift.
And Ask for their Blessings on your Journey.
And give them the deepest thanks for their
Unconditional Love and Protection.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On every Trip we will given many experiences
Which we can focus and reflect on.
And we can focus on the challenging or we perceive
As negative things that happen,
Or we can focus on the Positive or good things that happen.
How and what you choose to reflect on will deermine
How you feel about or trip.
Stop and think when someone asks you about or trip, do you talk about the negative experiences or the Positive one.
If you choose the negative ones how do you feel?
If you choose the positive things how do you feel/

Remember You have a choice. Positive trip or negative trip.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Every trip is a journey to self-discovery.
What part of your self do you wish to find?
Could it change you?
How could it change you?
How can you bring that part
 of you which you discover into your daily life?

Monday, December 19, 2011

There comes a Time when you are on a Long journey where you lose total track of Time,
You are just some energy field in Space hurtling though all time.
Yet all over the World there are those who are looking forward to sharing the Light of Christmas.
Here's a Christmas Message to all those fellow travelers looking for the Light and Love this Christmas.

All the World over, there are those
Who choose to work for the good of Humankind
There are the ones who Embrace the Light of God’s Love
And seek to aid those who are suffering.
All the World over there are those who pray
For the Light to come to those in darkness,
And they are the Beacons who Hold God’s Light.
The Angels of the Lord Grace the Path of the Seekers.
And when all the trappings of Life’s illusion are shed
And we stand there before the Alter of God,
It is the Love that burns as the Eternal Flame
That will shine as our eternal lifeline to God’s Heart
It is Love that shall be our Salvation
And it is offered to us through Christ as Gods greatest Gift.
And we celebrate the Birth of that Love
Even on the darkest night.
And we offer back that Gift of Love everyday
And on this Blessed time of Christmas
to all God’s Children and to our fellow travelers of the Way.