Saturday, December 10, 2011

Notice the Light where you are. Every artist know light is different everywhere in the world. There are infinite tones of light all vibrating with different frequencies. Notice the light where you are. Feel the light and let it fill you with its energy. Call it into your soul, let it feed you and fill every part of you. Listen to the Sound of this Light. Let it surround and encircle you. Breathe it into your being. Attune to it and feel the Life in this Light.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Invite your Guardian Angel to be with you

Take three deep Clearing breaths,
And go inside to your soul.
Invite your Guardian Angel to be Present with you.
Feel that Divine Presence and Feel that you are protected.
Feel and absorb the Love and Light that your Angel has for you.
Let yourself believe and accept the Blessings your Angel brings.
Release any worry, any fear, any tension and stress.
Know that in this Now moment you are alright, you are loved
And everything is fine.
Breathe in Perfect Peace, Calm, Love and Joy and let it fill you.
Give great thanks to your Angel and send them your Love and Light.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Go Within

Take some time to stop, be still and go within.
Go to the inner place where the I am that I am dwells.
See yourself in a Golden room that Shimmers with Light.
Become one with that radiant Light,
Breathe it in, and let it refresh and renew and restore you.
Let that light shine like the Sun behind your heart.
Feel it amplify your hearts Love with the Love of God,
Dwell there in Your Soul
And Be Still and Know that You are One with the Light and Love of God.
Give thanks it is so.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Set an Intention

With Every trip  you have a chance to make Dreams come true.
It helps if you set an Intention for your Journey.
Take a moment and set an intention for your trip.
Breathe in three deep and complete breaths.
Go inside to the Still point in your Soul.
Let your Highest Self choose an Intention that is for your highest good..
See that intention Surrounded in a Brilliant Ball of Light.
Place that Ball of Light in a Golden Chalice.
See the Chalice lifted up to the One Radiant Source of God.
See it Blessed and accepted.
Let the Blessings of that intention pour back down from the Chalice
in a cascade radiant rainbows of Light.
Let that light fill your Soul, Mind, Heart and Body.
Embrace the Light, Breathe in the Light, Believe in that Intention.
Be open to any way it might be fulfilled.
Accept that With God all things are Possible
And Give thanks to God and so it is.