Monday, February 14, 2011

Practicing Aloha While Traveling

So here are a few tips that you can remind yourself of when you want to practice Aloha when traveling.

1. Practice random acts of kindness.
2. Smile
3. Look into the person you’re talking to’s eyes.
4. Say thank you
5. Ask how someone is doing
6. Ask if you can help if you see someone struggling
7. Let someone get in line in front of you
8. Offer to help a struggling parent out
9. Help someone lift that heavy piece of luggage
10. Offer gum or mints
11. Give someone your seat if they need it
12. Take that picture of a happy couple for them
13. Send Love and Light out
14. Give someone who is lost directions
15. Offer someone your magazine or paper when your done
16. If someone is going to a place you’ve been share what you know
17. Compliment someone
18. Pay for someone else’s drink
19. Be present
20. Give a nice tip to the shuttle driver or porter
21. Be very patient