Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This field of Dreams

So Who do we Trust?
The Precious Field of Dreams

There is a seed of Truth within all of life’s field of Dreams
There is some element of Spirit that has brought us to
the time and place we are participating in amidst the
field of Wild Flowers that grow amidst the weeds.

All thrive on life.
And how we view this field
is part of how we perceive our life’s dream.

Do we say, Ah the flowers are beautiful and dismiss the weeds.
Do we see just the weeds and think how they are taking over.
Or do we see it all and Say, Yes, gorgeous flowers and many weeds.
All are a part of life.
Do not ignore the flowers because there are weeds.
Do not ignore the weeds that will take over the field.
Yet honor the life that creates the dream, the field an the flowers and the weeds.
Be a gardener that nourishes the flowers and pulls the weeds.
Trust in the underlying good that exists behind it all.
Trust in the awakening to the spirit behind the dream that awakens us to the truth of this precious existence.
And the gift that is the golden thread of creation
that holds all of life as a precious flower.

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