Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is time

It is time
When the World becomes too crazy
And the way is hard to find
When you are weary from the burdons
Of illusions in your mind

When you forget why you have come here
And why that you believe
Stop and go within
And spend some time to Be

Be with the One Spirit that is always there with you
Be with the Love of God
That is holding out to see you through

Stop and take a moment
And call on what is true
There are Angels there to Guide you
And they will walk a while with you

There is no sense in the senseless
things that happen
and the things that people do
there are times you’ll need to just stop
and go inside of you

and remember that this world is on the verge
of changing from the old ways that used to be
and there are people crying out
for Love that will set humanity free

So let that love lift you
And let the One light shine
Pray for the end of suffering for all of humankind
It’s time for the world to find a way
To work together and find
The redemption of the spirit of God
We know that it is time

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is the Price of Freedom?

The Price of Freedom

When the Soul calls out to be Free,
When the Heart Knows that it is time
To fulfill God’s Destiny,
Then the seed born of the pure energy of Love
Pushes forth to BE.

Yet What is the Price that is Paid
For the Precious Flower of Freedom?

the Nurturing of the roots,
the clearing of the Weeds,
Allows the Sun to let the Bud grow
Into the precious flower of Freedom.

Freedom has never been free.
Yet, how long can the call of the heart be denied ?
The world awakens to what has always
Been a brighter dream of what might be.
A new vision for all to inspire a harvest of Hope
For all of the people of the world.

And the World watches and waits.
And the people Pray.
As the call for God’s true purpose comes
To be fulfilled.
With arms raised high to the sky,
We look and hear the question asked
What is the Price of Freedom?