Saturday, December 17, 2011

Be a Travel Angel to someone on our trip.
There will be many opportunities when you travel
To help someone out. It could be as simple as just opening a door, smiling, or offering your seat to someone who wishes to seat next to loved one. It could be putting protective light around a plane. Whenever you act with love and kindness and a Presence of Spirit you are acting as a Travel Angel.
So align with that positive energy and let yourself act as a Travel Angel.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Each trip we take

Opens a window to see the world
From a wider perspective.
To experience new and wonderful ways
To learn about different lifestyles
And the history that has lead us to now.
With life that is bursting forth with
Each precious and curious human experience
Seeking to express itself and find love.
Open your heart and Feel the love
Open the mind and Learn from what you see.
This is your life to take and embrace
While having this brief time here on planet earth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There comes a time to
Let go of trying
Let go of planning
let go of expectations
and just be
sometimes all of the plans
 will not take into account what happens in life
and then it is good to let go
and just go with the flow

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Practice Acceptance.
Start by just accepting where you are.
Bring your Soul Centered self into being Present with the
Attitude of Acceptance.
Whatever your situation you can bring your presence
Into being accepting.
Let go of any frustration, and feel and know
That you and your Spirit can survive anything.
There is no right or wrong.
There is just this now moment.
Be grateful and Accept the gift of being here and Now.

With a Breath I call on all the Light
That waits inside of me
With a Breath I ask for inner strength
To find a way to be
For I am always free to choose
To take that breath
And restore the peace
To set me free
With a Breath I step back from the Storm
Of such insanity
I call on Love I call on Light
Which always works for me
And I remember the Breath
I remember the Way
To bring back the Peace
And return to a Place of sanity